Cherish These Days… They’ll Be Gone Before You Know It.


Feisty little red-head boy…

His birth completely changed our worlds.

We were young… Supposedly adults.

This child forced us to second guess our maturity.

Long nights… With little or no sleep.

Tantrums… Made me question my own sanity.

Kind hearted women…

Said, “Cherish these days… They’ll be gone before you know it!”

All the while, I’m thinking, “Cherish…?”

With each additional child…

Came sibling quarrels…

Ganging up on the parents syndrome.

Unique new parental challenges.

Despite the difficulties parenting threw in our direction.

Despite the long nights in the hospital… Praying and worrying over my children.

Despite the breaking up of fights.

Despite the constant worrying over their well-being.

I heeded these wise women’s words.

I cherished the good times.

I held my babies tighter.

Made mental notes of child-like humor.

I observed beautiful moments of sibling bonding.

Took simple everyday moments… And taught my children about God’s love.

I held their hands.

Laid in their beds and rubbed their tiny backs.

Cupped their chubby cheeks in my hands…

Looked into their eyes and informed them of my love.

You know… Those women were right!

I couldn’t love enough…

Hold tight enough…

Cherish enough…

The harder I tried.

The faster they grew.

I’m now an older… wiser… more experienced mother.

My advice…

“Cherish these days… They’ll be gone before you know it!”


11 responses to “Cherish These Days… They’ll Be Gone Before You Know It.”

  1. Sweet picture! I know how you feel, my girls are growing so quickly, it’s hard to believe! God bless you and your family ❤ Marty

    1. Thank you Marty! They sure grow up fast!

  2. Beautiful and touching words! I am noticing that as my teens approach adulthood, they are not outgrowing the need for us to cherish them with our hugs, smiles, and prayers. They will always need our faith in what God will do in their lives.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Amen to that Wendy! When they push the hardest is when they need hugged the mostest!

  3. Oh, you so beautifully captured the joy and the trials of raising children. You know, mine are about to be teenagers, and I find myself squeezing the time I have with them so tightly. Love love love this reminder to sit and watch them be who they are. Smell their hair. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Can you still enjoy their smell when their teenagers? Ha! Blessings, Crystal

  4. So, so true…Lord, help us see their hearts with Your love!!

  5. The thirty-three years of minor children in the home are now gone. I’m into my second year without them around. Those years were gone before I knew it! Yes. Cherish them.


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