Sweet Contentment


This morning, I am lying in bed, the house filled with the sound of pure silence and my husband (the worlds best daddy) is quietly playing with the children somewhere in this house. He thinks he’s letting me sleep in (which is the SWEETEST thing in the world), but I am wide awake contemplating life. I’m absorbing this awesome feeling of contentment, I feel right this very moment. Everything is perfect! Peaceful home, sunshine gently beaming through the windows, quiet children, madly in love with my husband, blessed with four of the sweetest kids, and a home that makes me smile everyday!

In a few minutes, the bangs and thuds will begin above my head in the playroom. The whining, screaming, squealing children will emerge, and this peaceful feeling will be threatened. However, right now this feeling of contentment is pure bliss! A simple moment, often taken for granted, is permanently etched on my heart and on my blog.

Well, gotta go… The cabinets are now slamming, piano playing, and the sound of a herd of elephants above my head is my alarm to… Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory!

Happy Saturday! Take time to allow yourselves to feel moments of pure and radiant contentment and say thank you to the Father in Heaven, the giver of all good gifts!


2 responses to “Sweet Contentment”

  1. I remember the sound of children in the morning, now they are all grown and gone and this grammie has to wait for a visit to hear children play in the morning again.

    1. Very true :). I’ll try to enjoy those (very) early morning shufflings 🙂

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