I sit here thinking about God’s true awesomeness! I’m pondering so many amazing things in my life! God has truly brought me full circle! He’s performed HUGE miracles in my life! As I sit here, tears of joy and sincere gratitude escape my eyes. You see? God has ALWAYS had big plans for my life. At the time I couldn’t see His plans, but looking back I can now see His hand upon my life every step of the way. This little girl from a family of poverty and a broken childhood, God has turned my life into something… Beautiful! He’s healed my brokenness, He’s broken chains of bondage from generations past, and He’s making me whole! He’s called me to aid Him in the path of helping His children to find the same freedom, that I have found through His unconditional love! He’s brought me full circle! I am at a point in earning my counseling degree, where I truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. God’s light is shining bright, I can “now” see it, I’m no longer afraid of failure, and I rest in Him, knowing He’s brought me this far, and He won’t abandon me now! I’m amazed that He has decided to use me… A humble girl, from a lowly home, and a broken childhood! He truly does call the weak and lowly… And He makes ALL things beautiful in His time!

This Thanksgiving I thank God for His unconditional love and His healing hand over my life! I’m thankful that He calls the weak and lowly and that He makes ALL things beautiful in His time! I’m thankful for the life He has given to me and the times He’s carried me through life’s most painful storms! I praise Him for His goodness!

Romans 8:28 “All things work for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purposes!”


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