No Matter How Much Icing We Use… Sometimes We’re Still Unable To Solve All of Life’s Problems


Struggling emotionally…

The scariest feeling…

The feeling of a lack of control.


Frantically I begin cleaning…

Trying so hard to hold back tears.


In the midst of my pain…

My family is working…

Four child-sized fingers…

Struggling to glue together the walls of a ginger bread house.

Yet, the icing lacks strength to hold up the walls.


My husband walks up to me…

His words…  Life into my hurting soul.

Crystal… You clean when you feel you have no control.

Sweet heart… Sometimes no matter how much icing we use…

We’re still unable to solve all of life’s problems.


My desire for strength and toughness.


Hugging my husband…

My tough exterior falls.

I cry in His arms.

His truth… Reaches deep within my heart.


We hug…

Our four children join into a family embrace.

God allowed this moment to remind me of the important things in my life…

My God…  My husband.. My children.

Peace replaces the fear…


Suddenly… I’m comfortable with this lack of control.

I’m okay with not being able to ice together…

All the broken pieces of my life’s heartaches.


Why am I okay?

Because I know that God is in control.

He beholds the “right” icing that will one day glue all the broken pieces back together.



I will wait patiently on God.

Knowing that He is already preparing the glue.

To solve the heartache of life’s struggles and pain.


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