Are You Thirsty?


John 4:13-14 “Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst again.  Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Have you ever just felt a dull sadness or pit in your stomach.  Have you ever been sad, but “really” had no reason to be so?  Have you ever felt an overarching loneliness in your spirit?  Have you ever longed to feel loved?  Have you ever been in a room full of familiar faces and still felt lonely?

Today…  This was me!  The past week I have overlooked my Bible, failed to take time out of my day to focus on God and failed to “really” stopped to have an intimate talk with God.

I tried to read a book, but it didn’t feel right!  Tried to text my friends, but that didn’t feel quite right!  Tried to write but had nothing to say!  Actually, today not much felt right!  In all honesty, this entire past week hasn’t felt right!  I keep thinking, I need to take time to study His word, talk to God, and sing worship songs to Heaven.


Life has an amazing way of distracting me..

Until today…  

God missed me!   I missed God!  He has been gently nudging me to spend some time with Him!  He has been pointing out every Bible in the house.

This afternoon…  I had no choice but to heed his calling!

The Final Result…


My thirsty spirit has been renewed!

New gratitude has replaced discontentment…  

Thankful for Living Water that meets every need within my heart!

Thankful God loves me enough to never give up on me.

Thankful He continues to gently call me to His side!

Thankful for the peace I feel after 1 hour of quiet Bible reading, prayer time, and praising Him in song!

Thankful to have a place to run for a “BIG DRINK” of refreshing Living Water anytime I want, need or desire a drink! 

Friends, I ask you…

Are You Thirsty?

Do you need a “BIG DRINK” of Living Water?




2 responses to “Are You Thirsty?”

  1. I have been feeling the same exact way these last couple days. A gentle nudging from the Holy Spirit to really set aside some time to spend with him beyond the usual. There’s a desire in my heart for more of Him and it won’t be satisfied until I draw in even closer than before..

    1. He’s a gentle nudging God and our closest friend :). Glad you found time to spend with your best friend! Blessings, Crystal

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