I’ll Take That Charlie Horse


It’s 2:45a.m. I lie here… Darkness surrounding me. Having just returned to my bed… Everyone else in my home sleeping… Here I lay… Here I ponder.

45 minutes ago I was sound asleep… My sweet daughter began screaming in pain. As I attempted to quickly alert my droggy self awake. It felt like hours before I jumped out of bed… although in real time it was more like 1/2 a second. But when your child screams in pain… The speed of light can’t get you to their side fast enough.

Picking her up she’s frightened… Big tears escaping her cheeks… She informs me it’s her leg. Upon further “early” morning evaluation I mentally diagnose her with a nasty old… Extremely painful Charlie horse.

Rubbing her tiny little calf muscle… Trying my hardest to help her feel better… I tell her the story of my first “painful” Charlie horse. As my little girl lies on my lap in terrible pain, having no understanding of the medical reasoning behind her sudden misery… I speak to my sweet little girl words that shock myself. “Sweetheart, mommy is so sorry! I know it hurts! ” I WISH I COULD TAKE THIS NASTY OLD CHARLIE HORSE FOR YOU,”. Wait… What did I just say? “I’ll take that Charlie horse?”

Charlie horses are PAINFUL! I despise Charlie horses!

This is motherhood…. Wishing you could take our children’s pain unto ourselves. Even a nasty old PAINFUL Charlie horse… Why? Because my love for my child is greater than my fear of pain… Greater even than the pain of a nasty old… Agonizing… Miserable Charlie horses.

That is love at it’s finest… Willing to take on the most excruciating pain… Willing to take your child’s first Charlie horse upon yourself… For the sake of love!

Kinda reminds me of another story… The story of Jesus’s death on a nasty old cross at Calvary.

Wow! He must’ve REALLY loved us!


3 responses to “I’ll Take That Charlie Horse”

  1. What a coincidence!! I had one of those midnight Wednesday. It was the worst one I had yet and I get them from time to time because of a pinched nerve. I grabbed my leg and fell out of bed. FELL. OUT of bed. I can’t remember the last time I fell out of bed. 🙂 I screamed bloody murder. I’m sure the whole neighborhood thought I was being murdered. I live with my mother and she came running down the hall to my bedroom too. This is a wonderful post and a beautiful reminder of what Jesus took on for us! Praise the Lord!

    1. They do in fact hurt terribly! Thanks for commenting and the sweet words! FYI when you feel the Charlie Horse coming on jump out of bed and immediately start walking. That is if it’s in your calf muscle. A friend told me that and I haven’t had to love out one. It works!

      1. Yes, I’ve heard of walking to get rid of it if I can do it immediately. Sometimes it seems to work and other times it doesn’t. I will do whatever I can to get rid of them as soon as possible! They are terrible! 🙂

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