Getting a new puppy is a part of life for many families.  However, in our family…  getting a new puppy… is well let’s just say a… MIRACLE!!!

I have always been a dog person, but my husband, to say it honestly… “CAN”T STAND DOGS!.  He is NOT a dog person.

Needless to say,

A few weeks ago, I took my kids into the pet shop to play with the puppies.  For 12 years, since I’ve had children I have taken them to the pet shop to play with puppies, because I want them to get used to playing with animals and because “frankly” their just so darn cute.

We always leave with the kids begging to take a puppy home, but I always says the same thing, “We’ll never have a dog, daddy is not a dog person!”

However, this little guy was another story.  He wasn’t just cute…  He stole a piece of my heart.  Tears filled my eyes as I handed him back to the store owner.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this little dog.  I began researching the breed, which only proved that the “Ori Pei”, (a mix between a shar pei and a pug) is an awesome family dog.  All the information I found said they are loving, playful, extremely non-aggressive, unbelievably affectionate, and easy to train (or so they say).

A few days ago, I dropped all my kids off at school for the first time since summer vacation began.  My heart was sad, I missed my kids.  I decided to go the the mall to get my nails painted and have a little shop therapy.  Thus, I decided to see if “my” puppy was still at the pet shop…  He was!.  I held him for a long time.  He LOVED me…  I mean LOVED me!  The owner was shocked at how he cuddled so fervently to me and whimpered when I handed him back.  {It was the most pitiful whimpering EVER}  My heart was broken 😦  I wanted so badly to take this little doggy home, but I knew my husband’s feelings about dogs.  Sooooooo?

I went home and begged!  And begged!  I admit it “I BEGGED!”  I eventually was able to get my husband to agree to at least meet the puppy.  I told him after you meet him, “If you say no and still feel he isn’t supposed to come home with us, then I will say nothing else, I promise!”

My husband recognized the connection I had made with this little pup… “I even think he liked the puppy too!”  Finally… he agreed.

Sooooooo…. WE GOT A DOG!!!!


Dad jokingly said we should name him Lego…  My three boys LOVE Lego’s and so they heartedly agreed…  So meet our newest family member…

Lego Ridlon


This is Lego!  This picture was taken on the day he won my heart.  Two weeks later he became a member of our family!

This is Lego right after Daniel came home and found out we had a doggy!  They were all in shock/disbelief…  “He’s ours… Really ours?”  They were all thrilled!  All 4 kiddos LOVE him!  Especially, Robby!  🙂  And of course… I adore him!


Proverbs 12:10: “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal.”


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