Happy Birthday Christopher & “Welcome to the double digits – 10”


Today is the 10th birthday of Christopher Lucas!  This little boy has one unique outlook on life.  He views the world in a do what’s right fashion, has a sensitive & tender heart, and is smart… and I mean smart!

I wouldn’t doubt if he knew more facts than I…  Actually… he does… he amazes me at times with the facts that pop out of his mouth.

He loves to read!  He LOVES to read!  Loves playing legos with his brothers.  Has a determination to please his mom and dad… but hasn’t a care in the world about what others think of him.

I admire his outlook on life… As his mom… I feel his positive outlook on life will help him succeed in life!

Welcome to 10 buddy!  I am so very proud of you… who you are… and all that you stand for in this life!

Happy Birthday,

Love Forever, Mom


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