When Troubles Come


My son Robby wrote this a few nights ago and shared it with me this evening.  I have one young man who truly has a heart for the Lord!  I am so proud to be the mother of this amazing “blooming” writer!  I know God has big plans for Robby in the future.  I can’t wait to see all the amazing things he does for God in his life!  Enjoy a special poem written by my oldest son Robby ~ 12 years old.

When Troubles Come

When troubles come, where do you go?

Do you hide and cry,

or do you face it with much pain,

or do you just try not to care?

As for me, when troubles come, I take them to the Lord above.

When troubles come I stand firm.

When troubles come,

when temptation is all around me,

I pray to the Lord above to give me strength.

When troubles come,

do you learn and accept,

or do you disobey all the more to prove your side?

When troubles come, here’s a piece of advice,

“Pray to the Holy Father for comfort, guidance, and strength.”

When troubles come.

“Written by Robby Ridlon ~ February 1, 2015”


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