Lord, Take Control!


This habit of looking down comes natural to me,

I get hyper-focused on life’s problems and forget to bow my knee.

This downward focus causes an unbearable heaviness within my chest.

Stealing my soul of much needed rest.

The ache so deeply washes over my heart,

I worry the pain will never depart.

My strength is gone and I’m crying out,

I ask God to remove this fear and doubt.


Lord, I’m weary and in need of peace,

Please take back control and make the pain cease.

Lord, I admit I failed to seek,

Your name on my lips I failed to speak.

Lord, I’m sorry I took control,

Forgive me and make me whole.

Lord, life’s problems I freely give to you,

I’m over myself through and through.

Lord, thank you for loving me,

For taking my pain and making me free.
Written by … Crystal Ridlon


2 responses to “Lord, Take Control!”

  1. Beautiful and powerful words. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much!!! Blessings, Crystal

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