High School: The Next Leg of the Journey


My oldest son, Robby,  is entering high school this year.  How is it my little “cowboy”, with his larger than life imagination, is now old enough to enter into the 9th grade?  Looking back 13 years ago, my first born child was a rambunctious and imaginative toddler.  As a new mother, trying to figure out this “mothering” thing, I recall being overwhelmed with love, joy, fear, and frustration.  I’m not going to lie, there were times during those hectic and sleepless years, I longed for this little boy to grow up.  Despite, how I truly attempted to cherish every moment, as I heeded the instruction from dear mentor mom’s who’d gone before. I admit there were tough days and difficult moments, as I learned this dubious position as “mother”.  I recall my innermost prayers during those first years as a mother, as I raised one of the strongest-willed children I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing;  “Lord, this child is one tough boy, please, please…. Help me raise a Godly teenager.  This is my longing for this child… That he would love and know you intimately!”

God is good… I can proudly say with confidence today… “My Robby, is one amazing and God-fearing teenager!  I couldn’t have imagined a more respectful, hard-working, determined, and most importantly “God-serving” teenage boy!  I am one proud mamma!” You can’t tell, can you?   As I prepare to send this amazing young man off to high school in a few days, I continue the journey of “letting go”, according to God’s plan.  Realizing that God has always walked alongside my “wild” and “adventurous” young man, I place Him in God’s care.  Knowing that he will {always} be with Robby, wherever he goes, and has a special plan for His son.

My prayer this year for my high schooler,

{ Dear Lord, Thank you for your amazing love and guidance!  For the Holy Spirit, the marvelous counselor leading and guiding each of your children in the most intimate and profound ways.  You have proven faithful and have answered the deepest prayer of my heart, to draw Robby to yourself!  As he continues this journey of growing into a man, I entrust him into your care!  I promise to work hard on appropriately “letting go” when it is in his best interest.  Yet, I promise to remain steadfast and present when he needs the gentle love, touch, and direction of his mamma.  Lord, as he soars into the “big” and “scary” walls of high school, I know you will be walking with him every step!  I ask that you go before him and pave the way for him!  I pray his devout desire to serve and please you remains with him throughout the next 4 years of high school, college, and all the days of his life!  Thank you, Lord Jesus!  Thank you, for allowing me to be his mother!!!  Continue to be with me on this journey of motherhood, as I too will encounter “new” challenges, experiences, and unknowns.  Lord, help me to continue looking to you for guidance, as we raise this wonderful and special young man {together}!!!  Love, Your Servant, Crystal }


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