Broken & Fully Cracked


I feel attacked!

Everything around me falls apart.

I feel broken and fully cracked.


The painful ache within my chest.

It’s tightened grip.

Steals much needed rest.


I think to myself, “I’m done!”

Sometimes think, “I’ll run away!”

This stress weighs a ton.


You say, “You only need to pray!”

Countless prayers lifted to Heaven.

I need you, Lord!  Please, come and stay!


Spewing like a little child.

Numb and weeping.

My spirit’s running wild.


Each new day brings heartache and pain.

Fear prevails.

Lord, break this burdensome chain.


Facing another day,

I try to catch up,

There’s just too much to repay!


What I give is never enough.

Leaves me weak, empty, and alone.

Yet, somehow I still appear tough.


This happy plastic face,

I carry around,

Is too heavy, So Lord, I plead my case!


Heavenly father, I’m weak,

Overwhelmed and exhausted!

Come into my heart and speak.


Come into my heart and heal!

My heart is frail, my fight is gone!

The enemy has come to steal.


Lord, please win this war!

I need you, like never before!

Recently life has become quite a chore.


Lord, send me peace.

To wipe away these reoccurring struggles.

Lord, I beg!  Make this pain cease.


Lord, this burden is intense!

Yet, I refuse to give up!

Cause, one day I know, it will all make sense.


Until that day, Lord above.

I cry to you,

For, I know you are love!


Why this pain?

I may never know!

I know, on your throne you still reign!


At times, I fear I’ll break.

The overwhelming darkness.

Feel I can’t escape.


Lord, I give to you my heart.

I’m laying everything at your feet.

Please dear Lord, don’t let me fall apart!


In the midst of turmoil and pain.

I will trust,

In your holy name!


Written by, Crystal Ridlon 10/31/2016


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