Happy 13th Birthday Christopher


I can’t believe 13 years-ago to the day, this wonderful gift joined our family!  None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into, especially his older brother Robby, but Christopher was the perfect addition to our family!  In fact, Christopher and Robby have the most amazing bond and for some crazy odd reason… they get each other!  The two of them laugh at things no-one else can understand and can communicate without speaking a word!  I know that being the oldest middle child out of four children, is certainly not an easy endeavor!  Somehow, you make the best of it!  You never complain, you take the good with the bad, and your growing in gentleness and responsibility everyday.

Over the past several months, we’ve sat back and watched his height grow 4 inches (several inches taller than his momma), cackled as his voice drops, and observed his personality develop into that of a wonderful young man.  Christopher is as funny as a standup comedian, as smart as Einstein… the kid is a perfect mixture of… amazing! To top it off, he’s sensitive and creative to the core.  Everyone who gets to know Christopher, falls in love with him instantly!  He’s amazing with children and special needs kids are his forte!  He never hides away from people who are different, rather he gathers them close and gives them a reason to smile!  The kid is patient, kind, helpful, compassionate, and wonderful!  Christopher, is the kid that always keeps us laughing!  Even during the most intense and stressful settings, he somehow always lightens the mood with his spontaneous humor!  I mean… this kid gets the entire family rolling!  I simply can’t imagine a world without our terrific Christopher… Today, I want to say….

Happy Birthday, Son!  I am proud of the young man your becoming and truly thankful God placed you in our family!   I love being your mother!”

I love you, son!



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