The Gift of Presence {Father’s Day Post}


As I looked through photos for this Father’s Day post, I was reminded of the amazing gift of {presence} my husband has graciously given to me and our kids.  His presence within our family is a wonderful blessing; a true gift!  As a father, he spends time with his children, he talks with them, plays with them, teaches them, and is present in everyday activities within our family!  We are blessed to have this man leading and guiding our family!

He not only teaches, but gently leads!

He not only provides, but comforts!

He not only guides, but listens!

He not only is present, he makes time for each child (including making time for his wife)!

He is not only available, he sacrifices on our behalf!

He not only loves, he has a special unique relationship with each one of his children!

This amazing man could teach a class or write a book on “How to be a loving and God-fearing father!”  Our children have amazing gifts & talents, a great ability to love, a great wealth of knowledge, and wisdom well beyond their years because of the loving relationship they share with their earthly father!

Most importantly, because of their earthly father’s example on Earth, they have a beautiful picture of God’s love for his children!

Today, I’d like to be the first to say…

Happy Father’s Day to one fantastic dad!  Thank you for loving, cherishing, and gently guiding our children!  I see the reward of your efforts in their level of security, in their confidence, in their smiles, in their desire to grow up and be just like you… their wonderful father!

Robert you are loved, admired, cherished, and greatly appreciated!

Hapoy Father’s Day!








One response to “The Gift of Presence {Father’s Day Post}”

  1. What a testimony to his upbringing and guidance. Happy Fathers day to both Robert the II and Robert the III.

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