Be Strong & Courageous

Today several “firsts” of the year events took place today. 1. First pumpkin spice latte of the season. Yummy! 2. Started another great year of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). This year’s theme is, “People Of The Promised Land” Part I. The lecture was amazing and I am confident that this year BSF will be a wonderful place to grow, learn, and mature as a believer!

So far, it’s been a great fall day!

Sitting in my home in the woods, working on my first Bible Study worksheet of the year for BSF, I am drawn to the many wanders surrounding me. Sitting in the living room, with my windows open, birds singing, my dog incessantly barking, and the sound of the wind blowing through the endless number of trees encompassing our home, I am hushed in the presence of God.

Living out in the country is soooooo quiet! Although, I love the peace and serenity of the country. After 2 years, I still find myself struggling with one aspect of country living; the lack of movement from people living life around me. I’ve never lived in the country and for the most part I am a “neighborhood girl”. The quiet of the country for me is a blessing and a curse (or just something i’m learning to get used to). Actually, the country is not quiet, it’s simply different noises, resulting from the creatures of the forrest living their lives to the fullest. This afternoon I came home to a quiet house, my husband is working and my children are at school!

For a moment, I find myself disoriented with the noises and scenery around our home.

Once, I get focused on reading and processing God’s word, I easily forget the fact that I’m alone in the woods. This was especially true today… God says to Joshua chapter 1 “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU! and to “BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS!” As I read this amazing passage of scripture I was reminded of one important fact… “Although, I am in fact alone in the woods, I know that “I am NOT alone! I know that, “God is with me and is my best friend, who will never leave my side!”

As this awareness washes over my spirit, I have a sudden realization… “I appreciate the nature surrounding me more, when I stop and remind myself that the artist of the beautiful scenery surrounding me, is sitting right here next to me! Wow!”

Friends, do you like me struggle with being alone? Maybe, your struggle is being around people? Regardless, of the specifics of your struggle, always remember whether in the woods alone or an over crowded mall, “YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!”

Have a wonderful day!


Blessings, Crystal


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