Freedom & Joy Is a Byproduct of Complete Surrender

I am feeling thankful tonight! For a God who saved my soul! Blessed me with the most amazing husband, four wonderful children, friends who have my back, a dream job helping lead people to God, and a church home that is loving, accepting, and most important Biblically sound and God-glorifying! Life is hard! Everyday is full of new challenges! I never walk alone! I often complain and too often get caught up in petty, unimportant things… Too often focus on “me” rather than those I love! I am thankful to be in a place in my life, for the first time, where I can really be me… For me! To be accepted when I am happy, sad, full of fear, emotional, joyful, broken, and even when I am distracted! For the first time in my life, I feel being me is okay! There are people who don’t care for me and that’s okay… I don’t live to please people! I live to please God! I am servant of Christ! Philippians 1:10 Thus, I am enough! Because… God says I am enough! God made me, me! He continues doing a new work in my life and everyday I am a little more whole than the day before. Everyday I continue growing in my relationship with God. Healing is not a destination, it is a journey! A journey I choose to walk with God! With God at my side and the amazing people he’s blessed me with along the way, I can praise him each and every moment no matter the circumstance! Take a minute to thank God today! He is soooo good!


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