Happy 19th Anniversary to My One True Love

Happy 19th Anniversary to my one true love! Our love has grown tremendously over the years and I am ever so grateful.

Over the years we’ve experienced countless joys & trails. The joyful moments have held us together through the trials. God has used the trials to make us more Christ-like as a couple. I cherish the joyful moments and I thank God for the trials! It’s the trials, that although painful, act as the glue to instill greater trust, unconditional love, and grace into our relationship!

I am so proud of the man you’ve become! It has been an honor to watch you through the years! I admire your many accomplishments in life, in your career, in our marriage, as a father, and mostly as a believer growing in faith and dependence on God! I loved you as a young girl and I love you so much more now! We’ve literally grown up together and I thank God for choosing me to be the “girl” that gets to be your lifelong sojourner!

Today, I celebrate our love! Today, I praise God for the gift of our marriage! Today, I pray for many more years to come! I love you, Robert!


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