God’s Word ~ Challenge to Read Daily

A month ago I started reading “at least” a chapter of God’s word daily… There have been a few off days… But for the most part I have read God’s word almost daily!

I began in 1 Corinthians and today begin in James! Many days I couldn’t stop after a single chapter and have had to read several chapters. This journey is not hurried!

As I tell my family, friends, & clients… It’s the journey that God uses to prepare us for destinations. We will not arrive at our destinations until we’ve learned the necessary lessons along the journey! For this reason, I have decided to take my time and really absorb God’s words!

What a difference it has made in my mind, body, & soul! God alone changes hearts! He changes desires! He changes people! We can NOT become more like Jesus, when we fail to ingest God’s word!

Make a commitment today, choose to read “at least” one chapter a day and sit in silence for even 10-15 minutes. I write up my Bible ~ I want special verses to pop out as I turn the pages of God’s word! Whatever works for you, do it! Commit to reading God’s word on a regular basis! Spend time praying for guidance from the Lord, he will show you and put on your heart a plan that will work! He’s patient & loving like that! God accepts us right where we’re at, but loves us too much to leave us in that place!

Friends, my spirit is renewed and my heart has been much lighter! I hear myself laughing out loud, making jokes, and have a deeper joy inside! I feel freer to truly live and enjoy the gift of life that is today! As we focus on becoming more like Jesus and deciding to spend “intentional” time each day sitting with him… We become better people! We begin to show the fruits of the spirit; Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control! (Galatians 5)

My challenge for you today ~ Read God’s word!!! Not because you have to, but because you desire to know God more and grow closer to Christ your Savior! Blessings, Crystal


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