Back Into The Arms of Jesus

Somewhere along the way I got lost. Despite the obvious signs, I failed to notice I was veering away from the intended target. Taking entirely wrong routes and failing to stop at necessary stops along the way, I grew tired and emotionally fatigued. By the time I recognized how far I’d deviated from the course, away from my desired destination, it was too late to turn around. I wanted so badly to turn around, to start where I first began wandering away, but I couldn’t! In all honesty, I didn’t even know where I took that first wrong turn. Sitting on a long narrow path, afraid I would never make it back, tears began to flow in droves down my checks. I yearned with everything in me for the comfort and peace of God’s heavenly sanctuary! Looking around I saw the scenery, it was wild and out of control. Despite my efforts, it seemed impossible to get my bearings together! To get back on the right track. The fear, the hurt, and the anger screamed out from the depths of my spirit. “How can I find my way out of this mess? How can I find my way back home?” Sobs overcame my spirit, as the past slowly came back to me. The wrong turns, poor choices, and the continual failure to ask the Lord for directions and guidance. Suddenly I knew where to turn, I looked up into the face of Jesus! Looked full in his wonderful face, as the confusion of my lost and weary soul began to connect with God. All of a sudden I was broken, sobbing, and in complete surrender to the Heavenly Father! I was broken, but no longer plagued with a heavy sense of dread. No longer did I feel lost and alone! The world and it’s problems began to fade away! Suddenly, the narrow road before me opened up and I saw a light. My weary heart felt a new hope! Somewhere along the way, I took my eyes off Jesus and got lost! Feeling stranded and alone I headed down a road of emptiness, pain, and rejection. My focus grew hazy as the road to worldly pleasures became vividly clear. I stopped in the middle of that dark

and empty road all alone!  Mesmerized by the light before me, the only place to look was up.  My heart immediately felt peace!  I was back on track and headed home.  Into the arms of Jesus! 

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One response to “Back Into The Arms of Jesus”

  1. “the arms of Jesus” is the safest, most secure, comforting, powerful place to be!
    this post touched my heart; thank you!
    God bless you!

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