Watch For God

Psalm 59 spoke loudly to me this morning! There is no better way to begin a new day, than in God’s word and allowing Him to lead and direct your paths! He rewards obedience!

The verse that particularly stood out today…

Psalm 59:9 & 10 “You are my strength, I watch for you; you, God, are my fortress, my God on whom I can rely.”

God is telling us in this passage that he’s got our back, he’s our shelter in the storms of life!

He also is quick to tell us, he requires “action” on our part! We are to “watch” for Him! We must be mindful of His presence and always looking for him to show up in our everyday lives!

So often, I fail to actively “watch” for God and get frustrated when he doesn’t quickly fix the problems surrounding me. Once I stop and acknowledge his presence, I see him at work in the midst of the trials of this life! Occasionally, he answers a prayer request ASAP, and I absolutely love to see these immediate answers to prayer requests! Other times, he allows a concern to linger for awhile, but reveals his presence, love, and compassion in the midst of the storm! I have learned that it is during these longer trials, that God’s presence is revealed in the most powerful ways!

Friends, Are you in the midst of a struggle today? I encourage you to actively “watch” for God! Once He knows we’re seeking Him, he reaches out to us! “Seek and you will find!” Call out to him! Look for him in the nighttime sky and the sunrise! Watch for him in the eyes of people, in the simple blessed moments of special family, friend, and life moments!

He’s there! He’s waiting! He Is longing for you to call out to Him! He’s ready to help you through this trial!

Blessings, Crystal


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