Grandma’s Legacy

Thought I was ready to say goodbye. Years of watching you suffer made me cry.

You told me you were ready. Month after month your balance grew more unsteady.

Slowly, I watched your body decline. When we’d visit you were always on cloud nine.

You provided plenty of love and wisdom. You were my greatest support system.

We used to talk on the phone for hours everyday. We always had a lot to say.

You showed your love with your deeds. Always made sure to meet my needs.

Popcorn stories before bed and making paper hats. I will always cherish our many long chats.

So many precious memories. Sharing our dreams, singing songs, talking, and drawing our most beautiful trees.

You were always caring and sentimental. Grandma, you sure made my life special!

Thank you for giving me your best. Because of you, my life was truly blessed!

Grandma, you deserve the shiniest crown. And Heaven’s finest gown.

Until we meet in Heaven’s jubilee! I will forever be your legacy.

RIP Grandma Dorothy! 5/3/1932 – 1/5/21. Until I See You Again!

It’s not goodbye! It’s see you later!


3 responses to “Grandma’s Legacy”

  1. Blessings Crystal! I am so sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing! I can feel your heart in your writing and I love your faith…”until I see you again!” Hallelujah!! May God comfort and give you peace as you grieve the departure of your loved one from this world. She is free, glorified, and dancing at the feet of Jesus!! Thank you for sharing your memories and photos with us!! God bless you!!

    1. Thank you! My grandma was very special to me! Losing a loved one is hard!

      1. Yes, you are right, “losing a loved one is hard!” God is with us and He will carry us through our grief. We lost a loved one in 2013 and we miss him terribly but we know where he is and it is in knowing this, that we are peaceful! God bless you, Crystal, and I look forward to reading more from you!!

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