When I don’t Understand, I Choose To Trust!

Living in 3 states in less than a year is not easy! Especially, when we thought we’d retire and have our children and future grandchildren visit our home in Bloomington, IN! Where we called home for 20 years.

I would be lying if I said, “I understand it all”. I’d also be lying if I said, “It’s been easy and I haven’t doubted God’s plan, more than 100 times!” I don’t understand! There has been a lot of fear, tears, hurt, and discouragement! I have clients all the time ask me for “specific answers” to the difficulty they face in their life. I am always quick to tell them…

“I don’t have all the answers! Trust me, if I did, we wouldn’t be walking through the wilderness we’ve been enduring. What I have is faith, knowing that God is who he says he is and he’s going to do what he says he’s going to do! I know he’s never forsaken or abandoned us. He’s always provided every step of the way and his plans have always been to prosper us, even when His plan is contrary to my plans. This is my hope! This is the very thing that sustains us when life gets scary, uncertain, unfamiliar, and discouraging!”

I know I make this sound like it’s been all scary and it has been quite unnerving! But… there has been beauty in the trials! Complete moments of joy and close family moments! God has been near and it’s the very thing that has held us together!

I serve a Mighty God! A loving God! A God who loves, provides, and guides unconditionally!!!

“When I don’t understand, I choose to trust!”

Friends, life is hard! The Bible warned us thousands of years ago…

“In this world you will have troubles, but take heart I have overcome the world!”

I can’t imagine living this life without the Hope of Jesus!

Hang on to Jesus!

Blessings, Crystal


One response to “When I don’t Understand, I Choose To Trust!”

  1. Amen Crystal. I can’t imagine making it through without Him either. Blessings!

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