Parenting Teenagers & Managing Technology In Our Families

Raising children in our present cultural is tough! As a counselor, I hear stories and my heart aches at the condition of our world! Parents, pay attention! DO NOT ignore your gut! Listen to that still small voice inside! Pray! Pray! Pray! Have accountability on all phones and computers. DO NOT allow children and teens to use technology in their rooms and have a room where technology is supposed to be used openly! Children and teens should not… SHOULD NOT have privacy on their cell phones and computers! In fact, adults shouldn’t have privacy on cell phones, we’re all prone to temptation! We all need accountability! Family wide computer/cell phone filters are essential! We are not above being lured by Satan’s evil schemes! Satan is working hard to pull our children away from love, grace, truth and lead them into darkness! Our children need us on our toes! We have to be intentional and proactive in our parenting! We have to pay attention! Our kids need us!!! They need us to continually point them to Jesus, hold them accountable, and love them unconditionally! Most importantly our children need us to love them unconditionally! #myheartthisevening #parenting


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