Raising Teenagers to Be Strong in their Faith

Driving home from church this evening with Robby and Daniel, I was blessed with such great conversation! I cherish the moments when my teenagers open up about “real stuff” and allow me to see their heart! Daniel is naturally a complete introvert and rarely opens up about heart matters. Tonight he shared that the school environment is a distraction. Upon asking questions and gently entering into this “rare” moment of vulnerability, he stated distraction is anything that takes his focus off of God. We talked about peer pressure, comparing ourselves to others, and realizing that when someone is unkind it’s a red flag pointing to their true character!

Attending First Baptist Dallas has greatly increased his passion for wanting to know Jesus more! What a blessing! Makes the long drives to Dallas well worth the extra time and money spent! We are thankful for our church and that God lead us to this amazing place of worship.

We continued to talk about the struggles of junior high and Robby shared his experiences from Junior High; The trials and everything he learned during this time. Hearing the two of them share from their heart and be vulnerable about their struggles in life, was such a blessing!

It is a lie from the enemy that teenagers don’t want anything to do with their parents. Parents, DO NOT fall for this lie! Our teenagers need us and long to connect with their parents! We need to pave the way for them by not constantly nagging them, observing and pointing out their strengths, listening for moments of vulnerability, and gently entering into conversations with grace, mercy, and encouragement!

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

I am blessed and I love being a mom! The best, hardest, and most important job I’ll ever have!

Blessings, Crystal


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