Wrestling Through The Long Battles

When you’re walking through the stillness, the waiting, and the seemingly “vast emptiness of unanswered prayers”, Satan torments us with fear and negativity!

“You’re not good enough! God doesn’t hear you! He doesn’t care! You’re all alone, nobody cares! God didn’t protect you and He allowed this to happen! You’re an idiot! There’s no hope in this desolate time you’re enduring!” The darkness and negativity of the enemy can be downright overwhelming and scary at times. I know, I’ve been there! It’s tough!

Satan is the master manipulator, the father of lies, and the atrocious enemy! Please remember that the negative beliefs in a period of stillness are relentless and overwhelming! I know this all too well! I’ve wrestled with the enemy on many occasions and so thankful that through Christ the enemy doesn’t win the war! I admit that in some of the longer and more overwhelming trials he’s won some “hours”, and sadly even entire days. Through Christ, I always get back up! Christ equips me for the battle! We were never expected to fight the battles in this life alone!

Somedays, I get knocked down and am tempted to retreat in weakness; Sometimes I cry, isolate, and want to escape the battles all around me. God always shows up in my despair and comforts the deepest places in my heart and soul! The Lord “really” is close to the weary and broken hearted! After this period of darkness, in the midst of it my heart cries out to God in surrender and he’s my ever present help in times of trouble. ALWAYS! At the end of the trial, I end up fighting harder, bolder, and more courageous. I am so thankful that God guides us through the storms of this life and I especially love the way we always come out victorious on the other side! It is in the overwhelming storms of life that I cry out to God and he rushes to my side!

Our family has endured quite the season of hardship… Unemployment in a family is trying and fearful. Several hard losses of loved ones, health traumas, big moves, etc. But… God! He is faithful! He always provides… even in this! The answer isn’t anything like we imagined, it’s better than we could have imagined! It’s more eternal, positively life altering, purposeful, hopeful, and supportive! We are grateful for this new season! God is good and loving! He truly has a plan, even when the trials seems long, void, and dim.

Friends, if you’re caught in a trial, be encouraged! On the other side of a long difficult trial, I can say with absolute certainty, “God cares! He really does! He has a plan! A perfect plan! It may seem glum and dark right now, but keep looking up and praying! Fight off the devil’s wicked schemes! Find a good God-fearing counselor, friend, mentor, pastor to help walk you through the storm!

This too shall pass! Keep the faith! Keep trusting! Keep fighting! Cry, process, be honest with God, and allow the process to heal you and strengthen you! But whatever you do… Don’t give up! The battle is long and weary, but the mountain top is breath taking, awe inspiring, healing, and faith enduring!

Stay focused on God! He’s got even this…

Blessings, Crystal


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