By The Sea God Comforts His Child

I love the ocean. It always calms my spirit and God speaks to my spirit in the most profound manner in this place. The power of the ocean, reminds me of the unconditional power of God! The control of the ocean reminds me that God is in control of every aspect of our lives. One thing I always tell my kids when we’re at the beach, I’m reminded this very moment of this truth, as my two kids seem to be going a little too far out, always respect the ocean. It’s power is something we should never underestimate, ignore, or play around with. Respect the boundaries of the sea, for it is powerful and the boundaries of safety are vital to an enjoyable beach trip. In the same way, we should revere God! Only, our respect and love for God should be so much greater! God doesn’t give us boundaries to hurt us, or steal away our fun. The boundaries are there to protect us and to lead us into the most enjoyable and wonderful life! A life that is sold out for Christ!

It is in this place that God speaks to my troubled soul. It is here he gives clear guidance and life direction. It is here I am able to open up a broken, hurt, and closed off spirit. I can lift my arms in this place in worship to the God I serve with all my being. I ask my Father, my Daddy, to pick me up! To hold me in His arms! To comfort His little girl! The most beautiful thing, is the way He shows up in this place! He reminds this troubled heart that He’s in control of all things. Not only, is He working to heal our broken hearts in the midst of a significant life trial. He is working all things out for our good, there is victory in all suffering His children endured in the life.

In this place, standing next to the waves rolling in one after another, which such awesome power and control. He also reminded me that He’s in direct control over those who misuse their spiritual power, who act in evilness, and who disobey God’s calling for the purpose of power, prestige, and reputation. He sees all the pain caused to innocent people, by those who call themselves shepherds. He reminds me in this place, that the battle doesn’t belong to me. This is a Holy battle that he’s been fighting long before it came into our midst. It is here I am finally able to rest my weary spirit. It is here I can fully entrust our lives and figures into His loving and all knowing hands. It is here, by the sea, I understand how powerful God is and He reminds me to fight my battles in prayer! Here by the rushing waves, I feel waves of healing wash over my broken spirit. Sand in my toes, I feel firmly planted in God’s assurance and in His holy water.

It is here, I follow Christ’s example to take a boat to the other side of the Galilee to renew, refresh, regroup, and heal. I choose to flee from spiritual evilness and those who look on the outside like Christ, but their souls are far from Godly surrender. These are the Pharisees who act in such horror, selfishness, and outright evilness. The only people Jesus outright rebuked in scripture are the Pharisees. This is where I’m reminded that the rebuking of the Pharisees didn’t end in the scriptures. It still happens today! Pharisees and evil will be outright rebuked in due time. Evilness never prevails! The love of Christ prevails and looking at the Mighty ocean, I’m reminded that we have victory through the blood of Christ.

Standing on the shore, intermittent water, acting as a reminder of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and love, I trust Him! I cling to Him! I rest in His perfect plan!




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