Evil Marketed For Christmas; I Fear We’ve Lost Our Way

I so fear we’ve missed the mark as a society. Christmas is precious, a time of joy and remembrance of our Savior, the hope we have because of Jesus’s life and sacrifice. Now, we’re moving to selling evil and dark at Christmas? I’ve never seen evil in this manner marketed for Christmas… Maybe I just haven’t noticed. Sadly, I’m sure there’s a market for this… I choose to keep Jesus at the center of my heart and focus around the holidays! Jesus is the reason for the season!

Praying for our culture, that seems to have, to a large degree, lost the ability to see beauty, hope, and joy… Because, God has been removed from our school’s, homes, public institutions, and even from many of our “so-called” churches. This is the result…

Join me in bringing the hope of Jesus to the culture around you! My prayer is to be the light, the something different in a world that’s grown much darker and dim.

“Jesus, be with us and shine upon us! Thank you for the life you lived and the sacrifices you made for us, even those who’ve lost their way and have turned their faces away from you. I especially thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you made, dying on a painful cross to save a soul like me! Forgive us when we go astray and lead us back to you!

Love, You Daughter… Crystal”


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