Morning Confession

The pastor in church this morning challenged us with a question… “What is your confession?” Who do you think God is? Who do you love for? What do we really believe about who God is, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus,. What do we really believe about the baby born in a manger? Do we love out what we believe in our lives through obedience to God? Loving and pointing people to Him? I was challenged and touched by the reflective question. I’m praying about this and plan to journal about “My Confession”
In my morning devotions tomorrow.

He stated he starts everyday off with his confessions in prayer to God! Before picking up our phones or even grabbing our coffee. Starting off the day focused on God! Confession about who God is! That Jesus is the son of God! How we will choose to live our lives because of what we know and believe about the Lord our Savior?

I was challenged to put God first in my day, before anything! And reminded of the meaning of Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus… Our one true hope!

Merry Christmas!

Blessings, Crystal Ridlon, LMHC, LPC


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