In God’s Presence there is Healing

Today, I took some space and time to get away from everyday living and escape to the lake for a few hours. It is so interesting, how God is present, I mean really present, All I have to do is just step away from the distractions that cause angst in my spirit. Why do I wait so long to escape into the solitude of God’s presence? Why must I endure night after night of restless sleep, to recognize I need to disconnect from the world, just long enough to regroup into finally resting in the arms of God. I need thee every hour! So easy to forget this and maintain the fleshly response of anxious and busyness!

One thing I am thankful for, is that when I do finally get to the end of myself, God is always waiting with open arms! ALWAYS! I can truly find rest in Him! The most amazing thing, is that it’s not only rest I find, but clarity, wisdom, understanding, peace, and a calm spirt. This is the primary reason I know there is a God, because when I come to Him with open arms; He does something miraculous in my heart! He heals it! Over and over again, He lovingly heals my heart! He never judges me or casts me away. My God is always there to receive me and speak to my heart; But only when my heart fully surrenders and I am ready to fully collapse into his presence.

Friends, God loves you! If you’re finding yourself stressed, filled with fear, angst, uncertainty and confusion. When the pressure of this world overwhelm your spirit; Run into His presence. Fully and completely! I promise: God will perform a miracle in your soul; There will be no confusion, because your spirit will know His presence and feel at home; truly at home with Him. Even in the midst of a world in turmoil, a country in strife, a family in chaos, a stressful work environment, financial or relationship stressors, we can find true rest in God’s presence.

Mathew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”




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