Be There, Really “Be There”

Grasping my fingers… her wobbly little legs… slowly achieve the new status of “walker”.

She loves the outdoors… and I love watching the pleasure written all over her face, as she observes God’s creation.  The trees… the sky… the bouncy clouds… the grass… the tiny ants… everything is new… and amazing… to her eyes.

Arching over to walk alongside her tiny little body, she holds onto my fingers for balance.

She needs me… in every way… she needs her mommy.

Delighting in the moment… cherishing my little girl.  I fast forward my thoughts into her future.

Today… I hold her itty bitty hand in mine.

Tomorrow… I will nervously watch in anticipation as she disappear’s into her kindergarten room.

And before I know it… I will be the mommy, left sobbing in the car… as she disappear’s into a world of higher education… a world enriching her with experiences… and revealing to her heart… who she is… and the woman she will become.

As hard as I try… I can’t stop the day’s from flipping through the calender.  I can’t conserve her youth.  I can’t control time.

I can… enjoy today.  I can… make mental video’s on my heart.  I can…. engrave her sweet smile onto the impression of my soul.  I can teach her… support her… and walk alongside her into her future.

Dear Readers,

We’re busy mom’s, busy dad’s, and outright busy people.  We have agenda’s, and appointments vying for our time and attention.  Time… and life can’t be stopped.  However, we can ensure our time with our little ones is “quality time”.  When we are playing with them outside, when we are feeding them dinner, when we are playing in the playroom, we can “be there”.  Be there, and impart into our “forever” memories, these special moments, and cherish their youth.  For tomorrow… they too… like us… will be moms… dads…. preachers… teachers… missionaries…  they will be the next generation of adults.


4 responses to “Be There, Really “Be There””

  1. Each moment is so precious — never to be regained. God bless you for recognizing this, for giving your all to your little one, and for reminding each of us of this truth.

  2. Thank you Laurie! I’ve been a mom for almost 11 years, and raising four kids has taught me, to never take this time for granted. I love being a mother! I still have so much to learn! God is teaching me through their little spirits.

  3. This was a beautiful post about your daughter and motherhood. Motherhood is so fleeting. All that we do and say counts for eternity in our child’s life.

    1. Thank you Judith, and thanks for visiting my blog. I love my kids, and they provide great ideas for writing! Haha! I’m sure you are aware of this 🙂 God Bless!

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