This Life of Mine

This life of mine, wasn’t in my cards.

A heart filled with God’s peace and joy, a husband who loves and adores me, and my four beautiful and happy children.


This life of mine, more than I could have imagined growing up.

Constantly living in fear, my youth was stolen.  Taken in a dysfunctional frenzy.


This life of mine, I only dreamed of, wished for, and earnestly prayed for.

Pain… sin… Anger… Oh the anger that surrounded those I needed to love me.  Those who knew not, how to love.


This life of mine, purely a gift from above.

The family I lived with as a child, still living in darkness.  Pain… hurt… rejection… screams from their eyes.


This life of mine, God saved, changed, and drew to Himself.

God revealed his light to my heart, I earnestly sought, reached, and yearned for His love.  I needed… God’s light, to guide my broken and fragile heart.


This life of mine, a life many long for… yet few ever acquire.

Wholesome love from God, my husband,  children, family, and Christian friends.


This life of mine, a pinch me I am dreaming… Kind of life.

I no longer grope through pitch black darkness.  No longer destined for a life of self-destruction.  No longer “that” little girl, from “that” family.


This life of mine, a living… breathing, present day example of God’s miraculous nature.

God literally plucked me out of my family’s dark, saddened pit.  Saving my soul from a frightening… utterly heart wrenching future.


This life of mine,  A Life of hope … filled with joy… peace… and love.

Love reaching out to me from every direction.  God’s constant hand guiding my heart… a handsome prince, who walks beside me… four of the most beautiful and wonderful children this side of Heaven.


This life of mine, For which I thank God… Praise God.

I give God all the credit.  My life’s joyful mist… Leaving a legacy of God’s love unto future generations.


Jeremiah 29:11″For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for you to have a prosperous future, and NEVER to harm you.”


Thank you Father for rescuing my soul.  Seeking my fragile and broken heart.  Thank you for daily leading me into true God sized healing.  Moment by moment… my heart sings praise.  You Father, are my daily counselor.  Leading me unto a path of true healing, and making my heart a resemblance of your love.  Lord, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for my loving and Godly husband, and my children who love me unconditionally.  Thank you for surrounding me with Your followers, who lead me to the cross on a regular basis.

I’m a true believer, You have saved my soul… And made me a “forever” believer!

Your Beloved Daughter,



One response to “This Life of Mine”

  1. Thank you Crystal – very lovely. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of who we are in God’s eyes and how ever flowing Thanksgiving must be our response!

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