Where I Meet With God? In the Midst of the Cold, Long, and Dreary Days of Life


Today… Another gloomy, cold, and dreary day.
I long for the sun.
I long for Sun’s rays to soak into the clogged pours of my restless soul
To feel the warmth of God’s mighty creation… As it infiltrates my emotionally depressed state.
I dream of sitting in the sand. Hearing the rushing waves crash into the earth’s grainy soil.
To sit alongside the mighty sea… Is where I feel most intimate with the Almighty Father.
It is here… The Almighty counselor speaks profound wisdom into my being.
It is here… The Savior reminds me of the miracle of life… Of his creation.
It is here… I meet with God.
It is here… I feel true and undefiled intimacy with my God.
It is where… I long to be!

The mighty sea… The warmth of the Sun’s rays… a thousand miles away.
Distance too far to presently travel…
Where can I meet with God?
Where can I feel this undefiled intimacy with my Father whom I so desperately need?
Where can I seek His presence in the most fulfilling manner?
Where can I feel whole and complete?

The long months of winter are slowly stealing the energy from my body, mind, and soul.
The singing of the birds has ceased…
I long for the familiar and comforting spring happy hymns.
All of creation longs for new life to sprout.
My soul longs to be in the middle of creation…
To feel the warmth of the summer sun…
To feel the softenss of the spring breeze…
To smell the aroma of new life budding.
To hear the sound of children’s laughter as they swing from God’s original playground…
The trees that provide hours of shade, fun for children, and oxygen to sustain life giving breath.

Lord, winter is long.
I have no control to rush spring into present.
I need you to breathe warmth into my being, in the midst of the snowy cold air…
I need your spirit to warm my soul.
Lord, sing your love to me.
Remind me of the warmth of the Sun… Remind me of the joy… Remind me of the seasonal change that has taken place inside this wounded soul. Remind me of the healing, you’ve already completed… Remind me of your love.

Here in these winter cold months.
I will reminisce of warmer times.
I will picture myself sitting alongside the mighty sea.
I will remember the sound of the mighty waves…
The voice you used to serenade my needy soul.
When I am tempted to forget… Your goodness… Your grace… Your love…
I will remember the love song you sang to me…
Through the beautiful voice of the sea…
Singing into my longing heart… “Well done my good and faithful servant… Well done!”


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