Happy 9th Birthday Christopher



Christopher is turning 9 in a few hours.  This little boy has forever changed our lives and added so much joy and laughter to our home.  I am enjoying watching him grow into a wonderful young man.  Looking at pictures through the years, I am mixed with sadness and joy as I see this growth transpiring.  Saying goodbye to the wonderful memories of yesterday makes me teary eyed and sad.  Saying hello to the future is a blessing and filled with excitement!  I know our Christopher will go a long way in his life…  


Nine Reasons Christopher Will Be Successful Throughout His life

1.  Christopher loves God and loves learning about God.

2.  Christopher is “really” smart.

3.  Christopher LOVES to read.

4. Christopher is a hoot.  He makes EVERYONE laugh!

5.  Christopher has a tender heart.

6.  Christopher tries hard to follow the rules.

7.  Christopher is a “serious” thinker.

8.  Christopher has survived life with an older and younger brother… and a baby sister.  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”!

9.  Christopher is a good builder!

We love you buddy!  We thank God everyday for putting you in our family!  Thanking God for blessing us with such a terrific boy nine years ago!


4 responses to “Happy 9th Birthday Christopher”

  1. Happy Birthday to him! May God bless him always

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