All Of Me Belongs To Thee



Hymns play softly in the background.

Singing praises to the King!

This heart of mine filled with joy.

God is good!


Looking out the window.

I see the breeze gently blowing through the trees.

I see the light of Heaven shining on branches.

The branches reaching up to Heaven.


Hymns continue playing…

My heart filled with awe for my Savior.


Alone in my tranquil bedroom.

Like the branches of the trees,

My arms raise to praise the Father!

In reverence to His holiness, His goodness, His faithfulness!


My heart cries out inside me,

“It is well with my soul!”

“Have Thine Own Way, Lord!”

“I surrender all!”

“Because He Lives!”


Hymns of healing, God placed within the heart of men.

Hymns…  Powerful hymns…  Heavenly Hymns.  

Hymns providing peace…

Hymns breathing God’s love deep into my heart.

Hymns that walked saints into the arms of Jesus!


Heavens light,

Shines into the deepest places of my heart.

Heavens breeze,

Swiftly takes my breath in an awesome moment of pure contentment.


All my heart…  Praises the one glorious God!

All my heart… Sings praises to His name!

All my heart… Surrenders every desire at His feet.


All of me, Belongs to thee!  


Published by Crystal Ridlon

I love God, my husband was my high school sweet heart, and still is today. I'm a proud mother of the four most wonderful, sweetest, and cutest kids in the world! In addition, I am a mental health counselor. I love to write! I write from the most honest places within my heart and pray my experiences are able to help and encourage others on their journey through life.

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