What If I Were Told?




When my daughter was a mere infant, just days old, I made up a special prayer song for her.  It goes something like this, “Dear Jesus, be with Caroline.  Watch over her and keep her safe.  Dear Jesus be with Caroline, watch over her and keep her safe.  Help her grow to be Christian and to love and obey the Father.  Dear Jesus be with Caroline watch over her and keep her safe.”  Every night for 2 1/2 years the two of us sing this prayer, it’s pretty cute as she folds her hands and sweetly sings in her little tiny girl voice.  We sing several other songs, many of which we’ve made up.  However, every night I tell her, “Caroline you are loved!  You are so special!  You are loved!  Mommy loves you!  Jesus loves you!”  I want her to know more than anything that she is loved, cherished, and special.  

Tonight as I lay there with my little girl, I thought to myself…

What if…  I was told I was loved everyday?

What if… I was told I was cherished daily?

What if… I was told I was beautiful everyday?


How would I be different today?


Would I be more whole?

Would I fear rejection less?

Would I be more confident in who I am?

Would I be a better mother?

Would I be less sensitive?

Although, I ask myself these questions.  I realize there is no real answer.


I know one thing…

I NEVER want my children to ask themselves these questions.


I will tell them everyday, every hour, and at every opportunity.

How much they’re loved.  

How much they’re cherished.

How they’re truly special. 


I want to give them every “healthy building block” I can pass on to them.

Life is not easy!

Life hurts!

Life has a way of throwing massive curve balls!


I want to prepare my children for the world!

I WILL tell them of my love!

I WILL tell them of God’s love!

I WILL hug them… kiss them… cuddle with them.  

All the Time!

All the time!



2 responses to “What If I Were Told?”

  1. Crystal, I believe the kind of love we didn’t get as children is what we want for our own kids so badly. I remember a few years ago telling my mother that all I had ever wanted to hear is that she was proud of me, and I believe not hearing is part of the reason why I tend to keep my accomplishments to myself. This is one thing I now make sure I tell my own children! Of course our worth comes from HIM, but the words we use to build up our children will certainly help them love God, others, and themselves! Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

    1. It’s true! Funny how somehow I think despite all my faults as a mother and knowing that many of them arise from my childhood pain, I think it may actually be making me a better mother. I want them to know they’re absolutely loved! Our worth does come from Him, which is the one thing that has helped me shed the shackles of my childhood dysfunction and follow Him! Blessings, Crystal

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