Journey to God’s Plan for My Life


2nd Week Long Intensive at Liberty University…  After this class I will be halfway to earning my degree.  30/60 hours completed!  The journey is moving right along.  

Sitting in Lynchburg, Va preparing for my second week long intensive course.  I am excited to be here!  God wanted me in this session, during these specific dates, and I am looking forward to seeing what He has up His sleeve.  I already have the sweetest, funniest, and amazing future counselor as a roommate and another friend from my intensive course will be in my class and staying at the same hotel.  I will get to learn from the same wise professor Dr. Dumont, that I was honored to learn from in my last intensive.  God is already working!  He has something big planned and I can’t wait to find out how He reveals Himself this week.  If it is anything like the last intensive I took, I think I’m in for awesome and overwhelming experience.  I hope I cry less this time than I did in the previous intensive! However, the tears that bombarded my facial expressions in the last “Counseling Techniques” class, birthed abundant and pure healing in my soul.  If tears are required to continue my path to healing and essential for making me into a Godly and effective counselor than so be it!  I am on a journey to following God’s will and becoming exactly “Who God wants me to be”.  



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