Go To God… First


Serving God is a journey!  My faith is a journey!  This journey at times seems lonely and people, even God’s people let me down! There is no human life that has lived a life void of heartache and pain.  On my journey with God.. He has been changing and healing my heart from the inside out.  He is walking every step of my journey with me and desires to be my “first” go-to guy!

Recently I read a book called the “Uncommon Woman”, by Susie Larson, “We alone hand people keys to our heart, we “actually” allow them to hurt us; often many times over and over”.  God is the “protector” of our heart!  He is the only one who should have this kind of power over our hearts, over our emotions.  He is the only one who should have “the key” to the center of our hearts.

This morning in my Bible Study, called “Malachi”, by Lisa Harper, she used an illustration; a picture of a heart with circles in the center. The center circle is God, the surrounding circles are husband, children, family, closest “heart” friends, good friends, and other people; in order of importance and Biblical priority.  

The picture above illustrates one important point…  

“If we go to any of the outer circles “people” in our times of need, before going to God, We Will Be Disappointed!  

God is the only one who NEVER disappoints!  Therefore, we should seek Him first and foremost in all our life experiences, in the midst of pain, joy, trauma, and turmoil we should head straight to God. Going to others first will always leave us unsatisfied!  However, God can use those around us to encourage us, love us, and support us as a byproduct of His love and support!  People should never be the first place we run!  

Honestly, it’s not fair to head to other people to fix our problems.  People are not capable of fixing our problems, healing our hearts, or meeting all our needs.  We should NEVER place that kind of pressure on other people.  I am not saying, we can’t go to people for help, advice, encouragement, or support.  I’m saying, “We should FIRST head to God!’  God uses people as vessels, blessings, and encouragers for us, but we should never expect them to meet needs that only God can meet!  

It is my prayer that this “illustration” helps your heart in the same way it did mine.  It is my prayer you too, realize that God loves you and is fully able to meet all your needs.  It is my prayer that you learn along with me, to Go To God…. First, and bypass any unnecessary pain and disappointment.  

Lesson:  Go to God… First!!!

Proverbs 3:6 “In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your effort with success.”

Mathew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”




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