Mother’s Day 2014


I’ll never forget those bright pink lines, 

that plastic white stick.

Indicating two positive lines…  

Two lines that forever changed my life.


I’ll never forget the overwhelming fear and excitement,

those pink lines sent rushing through my entire being.

The excitement, the fear, and the concern,

the praying for your little bodies protection within my womb.

I’ll never forget,

the bright pink lines…  four different times…

Announcing the presence of a baby growing inside my womb.


Mother’s Day 2014…  Looking outside…


In the yard…  

On the play set…

Through the window screen…

I smell fresh spring air blowing through the screen door.

I feel tears of joy gently roll down my cheek.  

I see four little blessings, running around the yard, chasing one another.

I hear the sound of laughter, screams, squeals, and at times sibling squabbling.

Walking outside…

Bringing each child into an embrace.

I taste the saltiness as I kiss four children’s sweet little cheeks.


Today, Mother’s Day 2014…  

I am still…  I am taking a moment to absorb motherhood through all five senses.

Taking a moment to cherish the joy of being a momma!



Today… I take these daily sights and sounds for granted.

Tomorrow… I will spend the rest of my days wishing them back.

Today… I will cherish the joy of being a mother.

Mother’s Day 2014…

I want my four little people to know that I am thankful to be their momma!

To my sweet children, I love you!  I promise to spend my lifetime taking care of you, loving you, and always being there to comfort, protect, and guide you!  I promise to always strive to be a better, more Godly, more loving, and more compassionate mother!  I promise to never sit back in complacency.  I can’t promise to never make mistakes, to never break your heart, or to protect you from every painful life experience life sends your way!  I can promise…  I will say sorry!  I will always strive to become a better mommy!  I will wipe your tears away!  I will always hold you until your heart feels better and the tears subside! 

Robby, Christopher, Daniel, and Caroline, you make me want to be the best mommy I can be!!!

Love Always, Mom


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