Why God Calls Us to Seek Him in the “Morning”


Friends, If there is one thing that I am not, it is a morning person.  I have the hardest time dragging myself out of my cozy, soft, and comfy bed.  For this reason, I have never made a habit out of morning quiet times.   However, this afternoon, God revealed the reason He tells us throughout the Bible, to seek Him first thing in the morning!    I took my daughter to preschool, ran a few errands, chatted with my husband, and “finally” sat down to study.  Funny, my Bible was calling me from across the room on the shelf, but I thought…  “I really need to get started on these assignments!”  I began studying for my graduate level Research & Methods course, only to end up frazzled and upset!  Statistics is HARD!!!   As I became progressively more frazzled and upset, God gently nudged my spirit… Finally, I opened my devotional for today and this is what I read;  John 14:1 “Do not let your heart be troubled.  You believe in God, believe also in me.” God used this scripture to speak to my heart:  “Crystal, if you would seek me “before” you try to conquer the world by yourself, you might be surprised with how much I will help you!  Sweety, Do not let your heart be troubled, believe in your Father, believe also in me! We’ve got your back sweet heart!  Please come to us for encouragement, help, and daily guidance!” You know, I am learning!  Slowly but surely, I am learning!   I think tomorrow, I will wake up early and seek Him. Rather than waiting until I am hyperventilating and a nervous wreck..   I think… I will seek Him “First!”   Blessings,  Crystal 


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