My Self-Chosen “Wanderness”


I did it again…  I have taken my complete focus off of God.  I have allowed life’s stress, busyness, and distractions to alter my focus on God.  It is truly upsetting, the manner in which I allow life to overtake, my need to be in God’s word.  My time wandering in my personal sea of distraction, has lasted too long.  This cycle of life, without being in God’s presence, is overwhelming.  My daily responsibilities, being a wife, raising four wonderful children, earning my graduate degree, and now the added stress of a puppy, require abundant energy.  The life-size duties in my life, at times seems impossible to bear. When I am actively in God’s word, and pursuing intimate quiet time with Him, life’s responsibilities are amazingly smoother and more doable!

Here I am… falling at the feet of the Almighty God… admitting once again, “I am not strong enough!  I am weak and weary!  I can’t do it on my own!  I need God!”

Definition:  Wanderness- A self-imposed wilderness, due to one’s failure to be in continual communication with God, His Word, and resting in His presence.  Continually wandering through life’s struggles, without taking time to spend quality time with God.  

Dear Lord,  Once again you have sat back and observed my wandering.  You have observed me drowning in life’s struggles, heartbreaks, and stressors.  All along, you were heeding me to come… to seek… to tap into your unlimited power source.  You have observed me, seeking your strength…  just enough.  Just enough… to maintain enough strength to drag through life’s responsibilities.  Lord, forgive me!  Forgive me for wandering aimlessly in my self-chosen “wanderness”.  Lord, thank you for being there, for being ready to catch me when I fall!  When I finally come to the conclusion that “I Need Thee Every Hour!” Thank you for quickly plugging in your unlimited power source, into my weary soul!  For providing all the strength I need to conquer the tasks set before me!  With you Lord, I can live victoriously!  I realize that life without your steady presence in my life, is overwhelming, fearful, and tiring.  Be my strength, my source, and my comfort!  

Your daughter, 


Exodus 15:2 “The Lord is my strength and my song! He has become my salvation.”

Psalm 18:32 ” it is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.”

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!”


2 responses to “My Self-Chosen “Wanderness””

  1. Really great post I got a lot from this and totally get it. God Bless jacqui x

    1. Thank you :). I’m glad God spoke to you.

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