You… {Little One}… Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


My daughter Caroline is 3 years old, she is a beautiful little girl.  People are always stopping us in public, to comment on her beauty and fun personality.  Last night as I kissed my 3 year old daughter goodnight, the words that escaped her mouth broke my heart.   “Mommy, I don’t like my hair!”  Mom, {GASP}… “Honey, what did you say?  Your hair is beautiful!  Why would you say that?”  Caroline sadly says, “It’s not long like other girls and it’s just {as her little fingers grasp her tiny little locks in almost disgust}.”  The thoughts running through my heart and mind… “Why would she think this?  No one has ever said anything, except how beautiful she is, why?”  Apparently, she is old enough to realize that the other girls in her preschool all have longer hair, ponytails, and long thick curls…  “How is it my sweet, beautiful, and wonderful little girl is already thinking such thoughts, noticing such characteristics, and comparing herself to other 3 year old little girls.”  {Listening to her little voice, comparing herself to other little girls, and watching her grab her hair in dislike — [literally broke this momma’s heart].  Her hair isn’t as long as other girls, her hair is very thin, but {who cares} —- she is my precious answer to prayer, and she just so happens to be one of the the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen.  She is smart, athletic, fun, imaginative, and tender hearted to the very core… If only she could see what I see… {wonderful, beautiful, sensitive, fun}.

As I pull my thoughts and emotions together… I cup her tiny little face into my hands… I look {right} into her sparkling big blue eyes…  and speak directly to her heart… “Sweet heart, your hair is beautiful!  You are beautiful!  Your heart is beautiful— wonderful— and so tender!”  Tears swell within my eyes…  I look at her and tell her again… her story.

“Caroline, Mommy wanted a little girl for a long time.  I prayed to God…. God please send me a little girl!  God did just that… he sent me the most {perfectist, most beautiful, most sensitive, most wonderful little girl EVER}.  You are very special!  You are loved!  Mommy loves you!  Daddy loves you!  Your brothers love you!  So many people love you little girl!  Most of all…. God loves you… soooooooo much!  Do you know how special you are, how loved you are?”

Her mind drifts away from her {hair}… as she looks at me with such tenderness and love…  She says, “Mommy… I love you soooo much!”  As… she gives me the most wonderful hug in the world!

As i prepare to leave her room… I speak God’s words into her heart… Psalm 139:14: {For you are fearfully and wonderfully made!}


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