The Gift of the Present for Christmas 2014


Another Christmas will soon pass me by. The joys of watching my children sleep under the Christmas tree, making our traditional Christmas cookies, and opening their presents will soon be just another memory. So often I wish I could freeze time, make my little treasures remain young, innocent, and full of life. It’s a good thing I don’t have power to freeze time, because I certainly would. As I gaze upon their sleeping full of excitement faces, I thank God for the gift of my children. I thank Him for the joy of Christmas! I thank Him for the gift of His son! I praise Him for the meaning and hope that lies behind Christmas, the celebration of the birth of “The Savior of our souls”. Thank you God for this moment… For the gift of the present… The gift of the peaceful and contented smiles beaming across four little sleeping faces, the faces of my children lying under the Christmas tree!


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