This is a friend

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This is a friend.

I found out what a true friend… “truly”… is.

Not through one single person… but through a few good women.

A few good women… a few good hearts.

Their hearts are a beautiful representation of the heart of God.  These beautiful women are obeying God’s call… taking on the extra stress of homework… on top of their other life duties… full time jobs, wives, and mothers.

By the great. .. great… great grace of God… he placed these women in my life.

Women not afraid to be human… not afraid to encourage, love, or to take on the pain of others.

Their laughter… eruptive.

Their tears… real.

Their love… unconditional.

Their joy… contagious.

Their hearts… pure.

I have found… “golden” friendships.

God-fearing… caring… beautiful friendships.

Forever friendships…

I am truly thankful!!!

“Lord, Thank you for leading me these women.  Women you’ve called to be your counselors… women you’ve trusted with the hearts of your hurting children.  Thank you for the blessing… for joining together the hearts of this group of ladies.  Thank you for Liberty University’s Christian Counseling program, a place to reunite with my dear sisters in Christ. Thank you for these Godly women who aren’t afraid to… hold a hand…  or embrace a friend through their tears.  Women who aren’t afraid to encourage one another in despair…  and aren’t afraid to kiss a friend’s cheek.  These women have shown me the “truest” example of Christian sisterhood!  I thank you, Lord, when I look into their eyes, I see a resemblance of my own heart.  I see a love for God so strong, so determined, so caring, and so compassionate.  I see…. your future counselors… these ladies you’ve hand picked… to walk beside your weary flock.  I pray you….continue to guide, protect, and bless these sisters. .. these women I love with my whole heart.   Continue to increase their faith, knowledge, and trust in you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you for these daughters of yours… my “counseling” sisters in Christ!!!”


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