My Busy… Wonderful… Full… And Blessed Life


I began my internship in counseling 2 months ago.  For this reason, I have been what I refer to as “blessedly busy”!  The past 12 years I have been a stay-at-home mother and it has been a huge transition to being a working woman and momma of 4 wonderful children.  I have truly been blessed throughout my internship process this far.  I have 2 wonderful supervisors… amazing colleagues… and most importantly God supporting me.  The support I have from many people in my life… continues to inspire me to press on toward the goal.  There have been many stressful days… a few tears… and daily reminders that this is what I was made to do.  God has called me to the helping profession.  He has called me to walk alongside His people… as they endure pain, hardships, and trials.  Currently my position is in a secular field.  In all honesty, I was fearful of counseling without openly being able to share my faith.  You know what I have realized?  It’s not that hard… I can’t say out loud the words, “God loves you”, but I can say… “You are special! You matter!  Your life can be different!”  I can empower them to endure!  I can listen with an empathetic heart!  I can seek out their strengths and good qualities!  I can encourage their weary spirits!  God still speaks through my life as I seek to walk alongside my clients.  I am busy… busy… busy!  I couldn’t imagine my life any other way!  Blessings, Crystal Ridlon


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