No Feeling Is Final


My heart is broken.

Words refuse to go unspoken.

So many hurting people.

Longing for a hidden steeple.

People die… people grieve.

Always afraid when people leave.

People living daily with heart-wrenching trauma.

Unknowingly causing deep-rooted drama.

We judge the broken.

Hurt the hurting and soft-spoken.

We too are broken and incomplete.

Yet, always thinking we are of the elite.

Conquering this Earth is fiercely tough.

Learning to let go and deal with our stuff.

Few escape this world unscathed.

Continually feeling betrayed.

Living and pain go hand and hand.

Continually fearing a reprimand.

Where is the hope?

When we’re at the end of our rope.

Where can we turn?

When the world seems stern.

Look to the skies.

When your tired of  all the lies.

Seek the creator of the Earth and sky.

God is always there… He promises to hear your cry.

Remember… This too shall pass.

Your pain will not last.

Always remember… NO FEELING IS FINAL!!!


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  1. Beautiful

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