Happy Birthday, My Love!


Snuggled up next to the one I love… My heart at peace.

 I feel safe lying next to him.  

I feel at peace when I look into his eyes.  

I feel loved when he holds my hand.  

I feel wanted wrapped in his arms.  

So many loves in this world…  Yet… There is only one love of my life.

Holds me through life’s heartaches.  

Always wipes away my tears.  

The security of his arms protect me through the night.

Listens to my heart.  

Encourages my weary spirit.  

So many times he’s hugged my brokenness away.  

Willing to challenge my feelings, thoughts, and behavior.  

First a teen love… Now a deeper love… A strong… committed… and forgiving love.  A maturing love!  

Together our love’s experienced a few bumps, trials, and misunderstandings.  

Yet… Through it all… Our faith increased… Our hearts firmly united… Our love  stronger.  

Happy 36th birthday my love… Looking forward to another year of maturing… aging… And loving together!  

Yours Truly, Crystal 


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