Your Blessedly Frantic & Amazingly Fickle Life


A single soul walking through this great big world.

A fist sized heart pumping wildly with emotion.

One day your a little child, seemingly never to become an adult.

The next day, a teenager who falls madly in love.

All of a sudden,an adult feeling the deepened pangs of utter loneliness.

When you least expect it, your better half meets you at the alter.

Babies come, the tiniest and most fragile humans, who have an innate ability to steal the love from the deepest places within your soul.

Each day this world is full of chaos and frantic adventures, in a fast-paced frenzy we fail to see the gift of life we’ve been given.

Out of the blue, random events occur;  Relationships end, a car accident on the way home, locking yourself outside,  financial struggles, bickering kids; the lists goes on.

You see, this thing called life, is blessedly and amazingly fickle.

The only thing certain in this world, is that absolutely nothing is certain.

Life is frantic, overwhelming, chaotic, filled with love, surprising, and complete with overwhelming circumstances.

The  only sure thing encompassing this world we live in, is that circumstances mutate rapidly.

A crying and needy baby, suddenly yearns to be independent.

Simply turn your head, to see a maturing teenager, trying to prove he no longer needs parental guidance.

Blink your eyes, I dare you!

Experience the speed of life.

You see, life is a gift, a one time gift.

We are never offered the option of a redo, life has no return policy!

Take time to notice life happening all around you, enjoy the blessed moments.

Pay attention to the gift of life surrounding you.

Life is…

Uncontrollable laughter, quality time with the one’s you love, daily little annoyances, heart-wrenching hurts, sunsets observed, gentle breeze blowing across your face, passionate kisses from the one you love, kissing boo boos on a crying toddler, and dreams coming true.

Take time to capture life’s purest moments.

Remember the past, cherish the present, and look forward to tomorrow.

This is your life, your once in a lifetime… Life.

Fully live.

Allow life to fully captivate your senses, your emotions, and make the most of the opportunities surrounding you.

Celebrate this once in a lifetime gift.


Celebrate the “Blessedly Frantic and and Amazingly Fickle” moments …

That make up your unique life!

Celebrate life!


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