When the news comes,

Like an untimely freight train.

Marking it’s path, 

With an awful taste of sorrow and pain.

Leaving one questioning,

If this fear is to leave a permanent stain.
The unfortunate news,

Pierces one to the core.

Feeling the emotional ripples,

Behind a closed door.

A pain so serreal, 

Nothing left to do, but drop to the  floor.

The sudden news,  

Leaving one raw and tense.

How can one process, 

Pain so intense?

Deepest groanings lifted in prayer,

Begging to understand and for it all to make sense.
Such a terrible situation,

When a disease becomes one’s master.

A single life altering message, 

Leaving it’s victims and loved one’s searching for an answer.

The heart stops beating,

Fully feeling the weight of the word… Cancer.

Try as one may, 

Handling such a burdomsome weight.

Battling cancer,

Leaving it’s victims and loved one’s questioning their fate.

The heaviness, weakens the soul,

As they cry out to God, “Please, give me strength!”  
Fear, anger, sadness, and shock,

Realizing this as a living nightmare. 

Victims encompassed with terror,

Simply fighting daily despair.

Calling out to God,

Everything rests on one single word, “prayer”.  
The knowledge of God,
And His trustworthy ways.

Eliminates fear,

When filled with praise.

Determined to trust in His almighty plan,

And to follow Him all of our days.  


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