The news came,

like an untimely freight train.

Marking it’s path,

with the taste of sorrow and pain.

The news came as a brunt force,

like strong winds and pounding rain.


The sickening news,

pierces to the  core.

Overcome with emotions,

behind a closed door.

A pain so surreal,

you’re left sobbing on the floor.


The spontaneous news,

leaves the heart raw and tense.

How can one process,

a pain so intense.

Deepest groanings lifted in prayer,

needing it all to somehow make sense.


The most frightening moment,

when a disease becomes one’s master.

The life altering message,

leaving victims searching for an answer.

Heart stops beating,

fully feeling the weight of the word… cancer.


Battling cancer,

victims questioning their fate.

Try as you may

carrying this burdensome weight.

Overwhelming emotion weakens the soul,

Crying out to God, “Lord, please give me needed strength!”


Fear, anger, sadness, and shock,

realizing you’re living nightmare.

Victims filled with terror,

fighting heavy despair.

Crying to the maker of Heaven and Earth,

begging for healing through continuous prayer.


Eliminating fear,

through continual praise.

Trusting God,

and his miraculous ways.

Is the only way to escape,

cancer… life’s most difficult maze.















2 responses to “Cancer”

  1. Faith In God

    As I found myself doubting yesterday
    Wondering what would become of me
    You came to rescue me in my crisis
    For you heard my cries and pleas

    You have never forsaken me dear Lord
    As I ate of the daily bread you give
    Teaching me to silently wait on you
    While you were showing me how to live

    Our lives are never really ours alone
    Since they still really belong to you
    So we should fully trust never wavering
    Always having deep faith within so true

    And though sometimes I become very weak
    Often wondering where my faith might dwell
    I’ll stand firm on the promise of your word
    That my faith in your promise will not fail.

    Psalm 62:8

    Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your
    hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

    Crystal this is a poem written when I found I had lesions on my brain, and the outset of MS. God will be with you and your family, never lose faith. I was diagnosed in 2011, and began treatments. The disease has not progressed. Know that God is with you and your family always. I thought I would share with you after reading your awesome poem. God bless you dear sister !!!

    1. Wow! Sorry to hear your struggle, but truly thankful that your struggle has lead you to real life, knowing that Christ is the reason for every breath you take! Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

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