Long-term Consequences of “If it feels good, do it!”


Yesterday, I took two of my children shopping at a new store in town.  My 6th grade son is an avid reader and read this sign to me, which didn’t set well with my soul.  Of course, I utilized the opportunity to discuss the message in depth and used it as an opportunity to teach a vital lesson.  A lesson in how the world promises “fun” “beauty” and “fame” as a direct result of doing whatever feels good!  By the way, my children have grown up in a Godly home and are quite familiar with these “regular” little life lessons!

As I left the store, of course NOT purchasing the sign… My heart felt burdened.

Friends, this sign hit close to home for me, as it was a reminder of the “very real pain” I suffered as a child, as a consequence of family members “doing whatever felt good”.   I grew up in a home where my closest family members followed this advice in their life, despite the pain it placed on those around them!  In my family there were seven children and I was the youngest… I grew up observing my parents and siblings seeking “fulfillment” and “fun” from world pleasures.

As I drove away, I thought to myself, “Too bad these careless signs don’t follow these “If it feels good do it!” behaviors into their adult lives.  If they did, they would surely find broken, empty, and hopeless lives!  They would certainly discover the very real and painful consequences of living a life of “feel good endeavors”… STD’s, drug and sex addiction, life-long regret, broken relationships, pain, brokenness, emptiness, and spiritual and physical death!”

The rules we should follow in our lives are conveniently outlined in God’s word…  They are called {The Ten Commandments}!  They are God’s rules for His children, which he set in place, to guide us through a world of inconsistent and harmful messages.  These “worldly and thoughtless” messages will ultimately lead to one’s spiritual and physical death!  Trust me!  I’ve grown up watching abuse, heartache, pain, and brokenness all around me!  I am still “overcoming and healing” from people’s decision to do whatever felt good.  From my perspective… “It certainly did NOT feel good!”   Thank God, He had other plans for my life!

Friends, when I was 15 years old, I asked Jesus to come and live inside my heart!  I haven’t looked back!  I have never questioned my decision to follow Christ… as the past held pain, brokenness, and abuse!  God held my future in His hands and has rewarded my obedience to living a life of obedience!

It is my prayer that you would {never} start down the road of worldly pleasures, only to find yourself with painful consequences and life-long regrets!

If you would like to know how to become a Christ-Follower… Click the link below!




Friends, God is the God of second chances and unconditional love and forgiveness.  If your life has been de-railed by harmful worldly messages, promising fun and contentment, and your on the other side filled with deep pain and regret… It’s never too late!  God is waiting to take you by the hand and lift you up!


Let’s decide together, to put an end to these worldly messages from Satan!  Let’s be honest about our own struggles!  Let’s invest into the lives of young people!  Let’s reach out with a hand of grace and love to those who’ve fallen prey to this dangerous, yet prominent message in today’s culture!  Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Exodus 20 (NIV)

The Ten Commandments

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honor your father and your mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet.


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